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Study Break: 折り紙 Vol. 3! / Origami Vol. 3!

The third origami night is coming!
Let’s enjoy making various things with origami!

Date: Friday, 4/30/2021 6pm PST
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Meeting ID: 831 5471 1707

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Study Break: 舞踏!/ Butoh!

Do you know butoh? This is such a unique and amazing Japanese contemporary art!

Date: Friday 4/16/2021 6pm PST
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Meeting ID: 863 2052 3314

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In this event, you can learn about butoh, enjoy wonderful live performance, and get to know this amazing guest artist from Japan!

Oguri: Artistic Director/Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher
Born in Japan, Oguri’s inspiration to dance came after meeting Butoh founder Tatsumi Hijikata. He started performing in 1985 with famed dancer Min Tanaka’s company, Mai-Juku and participated in founding Body Weather Farm. At the same time, Oguri began performing solo dance in the avant-garde scene in Tokyo. He practiced traditional organic farming, experiencing the rhythms and cycles of this most human lifestyle and this connection of the human body to nature is a foundation of Oguri’s dance.

In 1991, Oguri moved to Los Angeles and formed Body Weather Laboratory LA with Roxanne Steinberg. For over 30 years Oguri has been teaching, creating and producing dance and multi-media works incorporating his own large-scale set/sculpture installations in formal theater settings and site-specific venues worldwide. He continues to investigate the relationship of dance to environment and the boundaries between performer and audience. He has developed collaborative projects with musicians, sculptors, painters, and poets, using literature, daily life imagery and simple materials to transform space and time with dance. He actively brings dance to the wider community. Since 2005, Oguri produces “Flower of the Season” a series of workshops and performances, giving national and international emerging and master dance artists opportunities to develop and present work. In 2011 Oguri formed ARCANE Collective with Morleigh Steinberg, for touring full productions and live performance concepts.

Oguri has received numerous grants and awards regional, nation and worldwide, 2018 United State Artist Doris Duke Fellow, among others

Study Break: 折り紙 Vol. 2! / Origami Vol. 2!

Since it was really fun last time, we’ll do origami again this time!
Let’s make some new things with origami!

Date: Friday 3/19/2021 6pm PST (This Friday)
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Meeting ID: 811 5303 6948

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Study Break: 折り紙! / Origami!

皆さん、折り紙をしたことがありますか? 折り紙でいろいろなものを作ってみましょう!
Have you done origami before? Let’s make various things with origami!

Date: Friday, 2/26 at 6pm PST
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 868 2843 6367

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Study Break: 日本の音楽 / Japanese Music Part2!

Live concert from Tokyo with a wonderful Tsugaru Shamisen musician,
Hiroshi Yamaguchi!

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In this event, you can enjoy live Tsugaru Shamisen music from Tokyo as well as talk with the performer who currently live in Japan!

津軽三味線奏者である父 山口孝次の影響を受け、幼少期より 唄・太鼓・三味線を習う
津軽三味線を青森県黒石市にて千葉勝弘氏に、南部三味線を奥南部民謡 夏坂菊男氏に師事
その後、長唄三味線を東音 菊岡裕晃氏に師事

津軽三味線奏者として、国内のみならず外務省他からの依頼により アジア・オセアニア・北米・ヨーロッパ・アフリカ等で公演。企業・各種団体などでの演奏、テレビ・ラジオへの出演、またCD制作や多数のレコーディングにも参加。学生のための演奏授業やワークショップのほか、幅広い年代への教授、後進の育成にも力を注ぐ。邦楽の分野にとどまらず、様々なジャンルのアーティストとの共演も多く、豊かな音の響きやリズムをクリエイティブに表現している。ソロコンサートも各地で開催し、楽しい語り口と共に津軽三味線本来の音色を力強く、繊細に伝えている。多様な文化や価値観の違いに柔軟に対応しながら自分らしい演奏をする一方で、津軽の情景と匂いが感じられる古典的な演奏を心掛けている。また多くの師匠から受け継いだ技術や伝統と、現代社会における津軽三味線とを魅力的に結びつけ、伝えていきたいと日々探求し研鑽を積んでいる。

1991年 ニューヨーク リンカーンセンターでの「日本祭」に父 山口孝次と出演
1992年 「黒石よされ祭り」組踊り大会の伴奏にて最優秀賞受賞
1993年 日本大学総長より奨励賞を受賞、NHK邦楽オーディションに合格
2006年 成田空港第1ターミナルオープニングセレモニーに出演
2008年 中国河南省における「第10回アジア芸術祭」に出演
2014年 日本スペイン国交400周年記念 スペインツアー、
2016年 日本シンガポール外交関係樹立50周年記念 シンガポールツアーに出演
2018年 日本南アフリカ外交関係樹立100周年記念 南アフリカツアーに出演

Hiroshi Yamaguchi
At the age of four he made his first debut in front of an audience and at the age of ten he performed as an all-out Tsugaru Shamisen performer. He studied Tsugaru Shamisen under the tutelage of Mr. Katsuhiro Chiba in Kuroishi City, Aomori prefecture, the place Tsugaru shamisen was originally developed. He also learned Nanbu Shamisen under Mr. Kikuo Natsuzaka of Oku-Nanbu Minyo. He learned Nagauta Shamisen from Mr. Hiroaki Kikuoka of Touon as well. He graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, with a graduate degree in Traditional Japanese Music.

His performances are not only Japanese music such as Nagauta, Kabuki and Japanese Dance performances, but he also collaborates with various art forms beyond Japanese music. He enjoys such opportunities, with his creativity expressed through the rich sounds and rhythms of Tsugaru shamisen.

While he collaborates flexibly with various cultures and different values in his unique style, he aims at conveying the image of the Tsugaru landscape and its fragrance in a classical style of performance. He also tries to integrate the modern-day performing techniques into the historically-inherited techniques and skills he learned from his teachers.

As a Tsugaru Shamisen artist, he has been performing not only in Japan but also in Asia, Oceania, Africa, North America and Europe in response to requests by Japanese Foreign Ministry and others. He entertains the audience with his witty talk and especially with the signature sound of the vibrant and sometimes delicate tone of Tsugaru Shamisen. He has also performed for various companies and institutions, TV and Radio programs, and participated in many CD productions and recordings.

His ensemble, “Shake Cha-z,” consists of Tsugaru Shamisen, Japanese Flute and Drums and participates in various tours both in and out of Japan.

He conducts master classes and workshops for students, teaches shamisen to people of various age groups, and makes efforts to foster younger musicians following the same path as his own.

Japan Study Abroad Information Session

Join us to learn about study abroad opportunities in Japan. There will be presentations from the Office of Study Abroad and the campus representatives for the Associated Kyoto Program and the International Christian University (Tokyo) Program, as well as a student-only panel with returnees who will share their experiences studying abroad in Japan.

Thursday, October 29 at 4:15pm PST
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 847 0197 4531

“The World of Chanoyu”

Please register at:

Whitman CollegeのTakemoto先生が学内にある茶室「竹楽軒(ちくらっけん)」でデモンストレーションをしながら茶の湯についての講義をしてくださいます。茶の湯について学ぶ機会になるのはもちろんですが、日本文化を深く体験するとてもいい機会になると思います。秋学期の中間地点で大変忙しい時期だと思いますが、ぜひ一期一会を体験してみませんか。

The Associated Kyoto Program (AKP) will be hosting a demonstration of Chanoyu (茶の湯) by Professor Akira Takemoto from Whitman College this Friday (U.S. time)! Professor Akira Takemoto will give us a lecture at the Chikurakken (竹楽軒), a tearoom at Whitman College. During the lecture, he will also be showing us a demonstration. Following the lecture, there will be a Q&A session. This would be a great opportunity for you to learn about “Chanoyu“.

Study Break: 日本の音楽 / Japanese Music

Let’s enjoy live koto music and learn about Japanese music culture!


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In this event, you can watch the live performances of koto (Japanese harp) and shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute). You can also learn a little about these instruments and the music and culture around them.

Kozue Matsumoto, a Japanese language assistant at the Oldenborg Center plays a koto. Also, Rachel Rudich, a instrumental faculty at Pomona College joins us as a guest artist to share her shakuhachi music with us!

About Kozue Matsumoto 松元香壽恵:
Born and raised in the Tohoku (東北) area in Japan and having lived in Tokyo as well, Kozue is now based in the Los Angeles area. She has played the koto since she was three years old under Ikuta-ryu (生田流) Miyagi-kai (宮城会) and holds a semi-master title (準師範). She has also played the shamisen and the shinobue since she was small.

Recently, she has contributed her koto sounds to 2020 Tokyo Olympics (postponed) as well as Ghost of Tsushima, a PS4 game released in 2020.

Other than these recent achievements, she has been collaborating with various musicians and movement, visual, installation, and other artists. Not only does she play traditional, contemporary, and experimental music, but she also improvises, composes, and creates mixed media arts.

Together with her creative works and inter-disciplinary collaborations with various artists, she has a strong interest in exploring the possibilities of bringing Japanese traditional sounds and performing arts beyond their conventional contexts.

She has performed at various projects and performances including MicroFest (Los Angeles CA), Lucas Artists Residency at Montalvo Arts Center (Saratoga, CA), Center for World Music (San Diego, CA), Desert X (Coachella Valley, CA), SASSAS (Los Angeles, CA), Improvisation Summit of Portland (Portland, OR), Time-Based Art Festival (Portland, OR), Washington Street Art Center (Boston, MA), The Fuse Factory Electronic and Digital Arts Lab (Columbus, OH), Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra (Vancouver, Canada), and Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble (Vancouver, Canada).

While being a Japanese music ensemble instructor at California Institute of the Arts, she has been invited by universities, colleges, and ensembles throughout the USA for lectures, master classes and workshops both in person and online. She studied improvisation, composition, and music technology with Susan Allen, Vinny Golia, Eyvind Kang, and Ajay Kapur, and graduated with the Performer-Composer MFA from California Institute of the Arts.

About Rachel Rudich:
Rachel Rudich is an internationally known flutist specializing in contemporary music, repertoire for flute and electronics, flutist as dancer, and traditional and improvised music for shakuhachi, the Japanese bamboo flute. She has premiered hundreds of new works and has performed extensively throughout the world as a soloist. Ms. Rudich has received numerous recording grants and can be heard on over 25 CDs on 15 labels. She received her DMA from the Manhattan School of Music, and her MA degree in Dance from University of California and is currently Professor of Flute at California Institute of the Arts, and Lecturer at Pomona College.

As a student of the shakuhachi, the Japanese bamboo flute, Ms. Rudich has worked with Masakazu Yoshizawa (Los Angeles), Bill Shozan Schultz (Los Angeles), Kaoru Kakizakai (Tokyo), Christopher Yohemei Blasdel (Tokyo), Yodo Kurahashi (Kyoto), and Riley Lee (Australia). She attended and performed at the World Shakuhachi Festivals in Sydney, Australia in 2008, Kyoto in 2012, and London in 2018, as well as the Rockies Shakuhachi Camp in Boulder, Colorado in 2009 through 2011, 2013 and 2017. After a performance at REDCAT, at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Times said, “the extended contributions by Rachel Rudich on shakuhachi were at once inventive and atmospheric.” Ms. Rudich spent two months in Japan during the spring of 2012 for extensive study of and performances on the shakuhachi, and was most recently in Japan in 2018 for further research, study, and performing a solo concert in Tokyo of pieces for shakuhachi and electronics by American composers. Ms. Rudich leads a beginning shakuhachi class and the Japan Ensemble at CalArts and teaches private students in the Los Angeles area, and remotely around the world. More information can be found at