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My name is Kozue Matsumoto, the Japanese Assistant at Oldenborg Center, Pomona College for this semester. I am very excited to explore the world of Japanese with you all! I was born and raised in the Tohoku area of Japan. When I’m not working on Japanese with you, I am often playing or teaching koto, a Japanese harp. If you have any questions or curious moments to share about Japan, Please feel free to talk to me!

文学万代の宝 by 一寸子花里 Created during 弘化年間(1844~1848)

About the background pattern:
This hexagonal pattern is called “asanoha (麻の葉),” meaning hemp leaves. This is a traditional pattern in Japan since the Heian era (794-1185). Hemp grows very quickly. So the asanoha pattern is often used for children’s clothes, praying for healthy growth. I chose this pattern here, praying for your wonderful growth of Japanese language skills!